So i think I've told you guys that I was helping a Bible Camp last week, my "job" was to chaperone the 4th and 5th graders (chaperone means supervising, looking after). It was fun and interesting even though I'm not a religious person. Every day we started with singing and dancing together, and we then moved around the church to different rooms where the kids got to do different things such as watching a mini tv-show, having a snack, arts and crafts and listening to stories from the bible. As you can see in the photos they went all in with the decorations, which i love! Great experience!! 
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#1 - - ROnja:

YAY, kuuuul!!!! keep on blogging baby

#2 - - Mamma:

Vad kul att lfå se bilder och läsa vad du gör och har gjort! Och du verkar ha kommmit in i språket bra :-)