Since last time I wrote here I've been travelling in Minnesota for a couple of days, and that's why I haven't been able to update. So, last friday I, Jeni & Eric went to Moorhead to help Jacob to move back to college. Moorhead is about 3 1/2 hours away from Olivia so we went early friday morning. When we got there, we started to unpack and move everything into his doorm, it took several turns between campus and his apartment. We ate lunch at a Chinese restaurant in Fargo, North Dakota. Fargo and Moorhead are two different cities, but there's only like one road and a state boarder that seperates them. It was also the first time I ate chinese food, so that was a new experience. I also got myself a SIM-card, so now I have an american number with data (internet) everywhere!! 
We were supposed to meet Eric's parents at their cabin later that night, but they had to go and meet another relative so I didn't get the chance to meet them this weekend, but we went to their cabin anyway. It's such a beautiful place! There's lakes everywhere, and when you're at the fields you see the horizon no matter what direction you look, because it's so flat out here. 
Anyhow, we ate dinner at Zorbaz. I think it's kinda famous around here, it was amazing! The nachos and pizza was so good, but the best part was the actual place; there were signs EVERYWHERE and all sorts of other odd things on the walls, and even the ceiling. I bought a t-shirt and a tanktop with the Zorbaz logo the day after. 
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